Black Ink Tagliatelle, Chesapeake Bay Lump Crab Meat, Oh My!!!

      With a trusted list of favorites recommended by my friends and co-horts at DC Foodies, a LinkedIn Group, I surfed the internet for a fine culinary DC … Continue Reading →

Easy Dinner Made with Fresh Green English Peas

The English Peas Arrived: A Postscript to “Waiting for English Peas!”

This is a post-script to my post published March 19, 2013, “Waiting for English Peas!”  The nice thing about it is that we only had to await the annual sprouting … Continue Reading →

Pasta Limone Gamberetto

Pasta Limone Gamberetto

Heard some great feedback on the Lemon Basil Dipping Sauce and Crispy Cod recipes from subscribers, today!  One used her leftover Lemon Basil Dipping Sauce to make another pasta dish … Continue Reading →


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