Here I am with my family celebrating my older son's 21st birthday at Scott's Seafood; we're having a delightful brunch!

Here I am with my family celebrating my older son’s 21st birthday at Scott’s Seafood; we’re having a delightful brunch!

Hi there and welcome to my blog!  I am sweetkitchengirl, and I want to talk to you about all that is on the cutting edge.  What does this mean?  The freedictionary.com describes “on the cutting edge” as follows.  Fig. [for someone] to be trendy and very up-to-date; [for something] to be of the latest design. (Akin to on the bleeding edge.) This technology is right on the cutting edge. It’s so new, it’s not available to the public yet.  The bleeding edge can also mean wearing your heart on your sleeve, I think.  Not that I would these days!  Indeed, I want to write a food blog, but I want to emphasize on here that, for me, the joy of cooking and living, comes from the sparks of creativity, experimentation, insight, and just putting yourself out there!  Taking chances, trusting and believing in yourself puts you right out on the cutting edge, which is not a bad place to be.  How did I come up with this name for my blog?  Well, I’m an attorney for one, and the phrase is often used in the law; it’s where I’ve always wanted to be.  It has a double meaning, though, so it fits right in with the kitchen and a food blog.  What’s more important in the kitchen than literally having a sharp cutting edge on your hands?  How you gonna make something amazing without excellent tools, more specifically, something to chop those onions and garlic cloves with?  Anyway, I’ve never had a “dull” moment (no pun intended).  I lived a great married life.  I gave birth to and raised two amazing sons. I worked pro-bono.  I ran a law practice.  Now, I’m a single mom. I have been for many years.  By day, I work grocery, and by nights gone past, I’ve lawyered in search of that one cutting edge case that’s a win.  I love to cook , dance, bike, hike, read, write poetry, or just write, see musicals and plays.  And, I have a bucket list that does not end much of which I can say, “check!!”  When do I get to go to the Galapagos?  And, travel India?  Do a cruise?  Mostly, I love to spend time with my two amazing sons and my friends and family as we share a delicious meal.  Nothing has brought me closer to my loved ones than food.  Food is the common bond, the glue that holds us all together.  And, I love that!!!

Thanks for joining me here and bon appetit,






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