Best Place to Store Kitchen Utensils: Caddy, Crock or Drawers?

Kitchen Utensil CaddyFor months now, I have wandered through every aisle and corner of HomeGoods looking for a little something I could add to brighten up my condo without draining my non-existent budget.  I found a great sale price ($14.99) on a spice grinder that I have been looking for at Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, and just about everywhere to of no avail.  I still don’t get why these are so scarce.  In fact, they only had one left at HomeGoods, so I was lucky to get it that day!   Basically, this store has everything under the sun for your home at great prices.  I truly enjoy just looking at all the stuff they have there.  So, getting back on track here, I noticed that even the largest prettiest most modern kitchens (like the one I did my Cooking Demo in..) have a basic crock or caddy to store kitchen utensils!

Kitchen Utensil Caddy - Before

So, EUREKA, I realized that I dump all my kitchen utensils from spatulas, wooden spoons, serving spoons to wire whisks in my deep bottom drawer to the left of my stove!!  That deep drawer is also the home of my measuring cups, spoons, micro planer, silicon cookie spatula, rolling pin and many other kitchen devices, to boot.  I have it filled to the very top, so how am I really supposed to know what is in there?  Furthermore, how am I supposed to find a wooden spoon or a spatula when I urgently need one?

After - My Kitchen

Counter space is precious, and I want to de-clutter my counter as much as possible to make for easy clean up and a nice kitchen work space.

After - My Kitchen

But, we have to choose our battles, and I realized that I must get a nice sturdy kitchen utensil caddy or crock for my kitchen counter.  Furthermore, I must place it as close to my cooking source (induction top range) as possible for easy access. (wikihow – organize a kitchen)  After four leisurely trips to HomeGoods just to wander around and enjoy the stuff, I finally made the kill!

Kitchen Utensil Caddy

I found three different potential crocks, and I asked a fellow customer for advice to help me pick the best one for my kitchen needs.  Here it is!  For $9.99, I bought this sturdy heavy duty brushed stainless steel caddy with a deep wide base to put all my wooden spoons, spatulas, serving spoons and whisks.  It’s not so tall that I can’t see what’s in there, either.

Kitchen Utensil Caddy

I think I got a lot of bang for my buck on this one as far as small kitchen design and space saving goes.;)   Where do you store your kitchen utensils?  Is it time to reorganize and make a de minimus investment in a nice crock or caddy?  How about using an antique ceramic pitcher or a painted flower pot?  Or, would reorganizing your drawers with space dividers do the same trick?  IKEA has a good selection of wall storage devices.  Customized drawers with caddy inserts might be a great choice for those with bigger budgets.  It’s all good in terms of getting organized and design-conscious to live the best possible life we can afford.  Would love to hear your thoughts!!

Kitchen Utensil Caddy -After

P.s.- I love hearing from you all, and writing this motivated me to keep working on de-cluttering my counter space and corner!! ;D

Kitchen Utensil Caddy - After

Kitchen Utensil Caddy -After

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  • Melanie says:

    I can totally appreciate your dilemma. I have mine organized in drawers with drawer dividers, which works pretty well most of the time, but still can get cluttered and difficult to find specific items. I had worried in the past about having items on the counter, thinking the ones I use less often might start to collect dust and it would be one more thing to keep cleaned up on the counter; however, I do like the look and functionality, so maybe if I only took the utensils I know I use most often and put those in a crock on the counter, I would have both the functionality needed without the extra clean-up I was concerned about before. Well written and nice presentation. Have a beautiful day in that nice kitchen!

  • Vasantha Bala says:

    I like your style of writing.Very impressive.Very good idea of avoid clutter in the kitchen.thx

  • Judi Monsour says:

    Your kitchen corner looks just like mine – weird but cool! I use a crock I picked up at my favorite thrift store for $3. Also, I have a drawer in my kitchen that I call the ‘little used’ drawer. It holds those things that I really need, but seldom use. Examples would be a meat cleaver, a potato masher, and the turkey lifters.

    • admin says:

      Love your comment, Judi! Thank you.:) A $3 crock purchased at a favorite thrift shop shows how little we need to spend sometimes to vastly organize our kitchens! I love thrift shops. As you were writing your comment, I was trying to de-clutter my counter space a bit more, so I’ve posted additional photos of the “AFTER” kitchen utensil caddy. I definitely, also, took it to heart and moved my potato mashers back into my “little used” drawer and cleared up that “weird but cool” neck of the woods a little;D

  • DCHomewares says:

    I use drawer dividers because I really prefer my counter empty. But your idea is pretty neat as well, especially when you use those utensils very often. I think it’s cool to have them within reach while cooking.

    • admin says:

      Thanks,!!! I really appreciate that you checked out my site.:-) I’m loving that I don’t have to think about where my wooden spoons and spatulas are in the heat of cooking, and the quick reach might mean I just saved my garlic and onions from catching a burn. Every second counts, I’m realizing..

  • Daniel Beaulieu

    Wow, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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