How to make your BLT on Rye Sandwich!

BLT on Rye with Kettle Chips

Nothing beats a simple sandwich called a BLT!  I have made this often for my boys, because it is just five ingredients: 2 slices of toasted bread, mayo, green leaf lettuce, sliced ripened tomatoes, and cooked bacon.  Not hard to figure out how to put this together.  The flavor and satisfaction, however, is just an amazing mix of sweet soft fresh toasted bread, salty crisp bacon, creamy tangy mayo, sweet juicy ripe tomato, and fresh green lettuce.  What a mouthfeel!  My boys and I love these!!  Bacon just turns the lettuce tomato mix on its head!!  Although, I have had the Reuben, a hot sandwich of sliced marbled rye bread, corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing, I had never had a BLT on rye.  I do love the taste of caraway seeds in the  deli  rye bread  which is a mix of both wheat and rye flour.  Some studies show that white rye bread is healthier than whole wheat. (Science news). However, it’s important to note that rye bread is NOT gluten-free.  There are other bread options if you have food and/or gluten allergies, so always check the labels before buying.   Anyway, a BLT on Rye sounded really tasty, satisfying and healthy, so I decided to give it a try to see exactly what it was all about.  I purchased Applewood smoked uncured center cut bacon, green leaf lettuce, organic vine-ripened tomato, and caraway rye sourdough bread, and I had Bestfoods mayonnaise in the fridge.  I browned the bacon to a medium crisp, toasted two slices of bread twice, spread the mayo on both slices, sliced the tomato, sprinkled some salt and pepper on the tomato, and built up my BLT.  With a side of jalapeno Kettle Chips, I sat down for a divine lunch, and the rest is history!!!  Here is the play-by-play of building up a BLT on Rye!

Have a nice lunch.:)


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