Swan Song to “Cheap Eats in My Sweat Suit and Ponytail”

Cheap Eats: Ohana Hawaiian BBQ, Thrice Revisited!

Since I wrote, “Cheap Eats in My Sweatsuit and Ponytail”, I’ve gone back twice this month to Ohana, because it’s hard to find a healthy bite at $4.88! The Hawaiian lady taking the order, this third time ’round, brought back memories of the “Soup Nazi” in Seinfeld, but that didn’t stop me from trying out another one of the Ohana Supa Bowls!! Round two, I had the BBQ BEEF. Thrice through, I chose the Curry Chicken Katsu pictured here. Actually, as stern and unsmiling as the Hawaiian lady was, she had her charm, and she warned me that it was “deep-fried” and that I could have the curry sauce on the side. I said pour it right over the chicken. She bagged it to go, but I was eating in and asked for a tray. She replied, “You don’t need a tray! Just eat on the table!” So, I did, and the meal was a great eat, indeed.;)

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 A great student joint is the one in Davis, CA – It’s even CHEAPER!    Ohana Hawaiian BBQ in Davis


  • Mary Cox Barclay says:

    I love this description of the experience, Valli. I can picture it vividly. Funny thing about the tray. We all get so used to places like a Panera Bread or other restaurants where they are so ubiquitous and often unnecessary that I think we forget the simple idea of just eating soup. Glad you enjoyed this. Keep sharing….mary

  • admin says:

    Hi Mary! Thank you so much for your comment, and I’m glad you loved the “Swan Song”! Speaking of Panera Bread or Sweet Tomatoes, for that matter, there can never be ENOUGH room on the tray to squish in all the stuff our family members want to put on there.:D It’s never just soup!! Best,.

  • Scott Pepperman says:

    I loved the story and enjoyed the picture, what a deal! The older I get the more I find that I really enjoy a good bowl of soup or stew. I do love Panera Bread but I love a good bowl of Pho as well or Hong Kong style soup. The idea of all or most of the food groups in one dish is great. A great bowl of shrimp and chicken gumbo over rice is very nice as well.

    • admin says:

      Hi Scott! It’s so great connecting with you through “DC Foodies”, a wondeful Linkedin group.:) Can’t wait til I visit my son in DC this summer!! Seinfeld is quite a gas, and I love the “Soup Nazi”!! Pho is my go to bowl of goodness, especially when I am down with a bad cold and flu. I must have it to recover. With our Indian meals, we have almost everything with or over “rice”!! Best regards, Valli

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