Junior Mints, Kit Kat, and Vanilla Ice Cream!!!

DessertWhen I think of Kit Kat Chocolates and Junior Mints, of course, I think about being at the movies.  Not a bad idea for the family when it’s too hot or too cold outside.  But truthfully, Kit Kat bars remind me of my uncle, Dr. K. Srinivasan, who always made it a point to bring us home a Kit Kat bar when he and my aunt, Meena Srinivasan, lived with us for a short time in Hudson, Ohio.  Going back even further in time to when we lived in Chennai India, this same wonderful uncle used to always bring me an Indian candy called, “Balli Mittai.”  These were just multi-colored candy-coated cumin or anise seeds that came in a little plastic packet.  You can find these in a decorative bowl at the hostess desk of any Indian restaurant here in the United States; it’s usually mixed in with sugar, coconut and some plain toasted cumin seeds.  This mixture serves as a digestive and breathe cleanser after eating a heavy Indian meal.   Oh, how I always looked forward to getting that “balli mittai” candy without fail when my uncle got home from work.  In India, it is normal for people to live in a joint family with everyone under one roof, so that’s how it was back then.  

Now, getting back to it’s counterpart, Junior Mints just crack me up, because they remind me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer and Jerry are watching their friend being operated on.  They are arguing from the viewing balcony eating Junior Mints and Kramer manages to have one Junior Mint fly out of his hand!!!  Coincidentally, the Junior Mint lands in the friend’s open cavity just before the surgeon starts to stitch it closed.  Of course, the surgeon does not notice the Junior Mint inside the patient.  You can imagine how that went with Kramer and Jerry afterwards!  So, using two favorite movie candies, here is a simple dessert that any child will just love!  It’s minty creamy chocolatey and crunchy goodness on yummy vanilla ice cream!!!  And for you sophisticated adults, it may just bring out the child in you. 😉 Dessert


From the Jerry Seinfeld Junior Mints Episode:

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